Roku SoundBridge develops a poor short-term memoryEver since switching to WPA2-AES security on my wireless network I’ve been having some problems with my Pinnacle-branded Roku SoundBridge wireless MP3 player. Problems like “strange, this used to be connected to the network.”

It seems that after a few days of working perfectly happily the device drops off the network.  Well, not quite ‘off’ – it sits there continually sending out DHCP request after DHCP request.  My router, being a good router that does as it’s told, sends out DHCP offers in response to these requests – which are routinely ignored by the SoundBridge.

Switching to a static IP on the SoundBridge doesn’t do a lot of good: although it fixes the Herring Sandwich Experiment qualities of the issue by removing the continuous DHCP requests, the device still drops off the network.

I’ve upgraded the firmware to the latest beta release, but there’s still no joy.  Next step is an e-mail to Roku.

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