A quick post containing photographic evidence of the state that Dyno-Rod left my house after a failed attempt to unblock my drains.  I wouldn’t have put them in public view, except for the fact that Dyno-Rod’s customer services e-mail has a size limit that means I can’t e-mail them. Yes, that’s human waste on the rug.

53 thoughts on “Dyno-Rod Complaint

  1. I work for duno rod untill today i got sacked because i was going to people’s houses to do the jobs i was asked and they sacked me because i was to quick on jobs and also i wasent ripping the public off to rod we charge 90.00 to jet we charge 145.00 jobs you could rod to clear they dont care they says always get the 145.00 i told my boss im not hear to rip people off so he sacked me and said your not having your tickets how low peter messenger from ashford kent British gas hes ripping you all off

  2. Also had a Dynorod plumber out who caused several new problems in our boiler necessitating 5 visits and still not fixing the leak. Additionally broke the plastic socket on the mains plug I. Te lounge through being so careless. The manager Andy Langdon sent back the same guy to take photo evidence before agreeing to fix, even though I insisted I did not want him to my home again. The plumber Joe lied and flatly refused to photograph the plugs denying he caused any damage. When we called the manager again he said he didn’t want to ‘waste any more time on this’ so leaving us with the same leak, water damage caused by Joe, damage to the boiler insulation, a shattered mains socket and 15+ hours of lost earnings as we had to attend the flat to provide access over 5 visits. Unacceptably poor service and customer service. Cannot express how appalling dyno rod have been and recommend you stay well clear of this terrible company.

  3. dyno stockport after two visits only managed to retrieve 4 wet wipes and then charged 250.00 for the effort the blockage was only 2.5 m from the toilet yet these jokers couldn’t do it.. called another company and they cleared it in 30 mins!!! these jokers have bitten of more than they can chew this time i am going to out them and lodge complaints across the bored…. sow the wind..

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