When I write articles for bit-tech I occasionally happen upon a topic that a full-time staffer is writing about. When this happens, one of the stories gets put on the long spike – usually mine. Below is one such story, which I figured I’d reclaim from the archives and post here – despite it being somewhat outdated.
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Quite some time ago I bought a Targa DRH-5100x DVD/HDD recorder, and figured out a way to turn off the detection of MacroVision content protection signals. After enjoying the fruits of my labour, I wrote it up and spread the joy around the web, but sadly neglected to link to it from the blog itself.

Well, I figured that while I was tidying things up it’d be a good time to fix that. Who knows – there might still be people out there for whom it’ll come in handy.

aloneinthedark (7k image)Today I received my limited-edition copy of Alone In The Dark for the Xbox 360. I’ve been looking forward to it for a little while, and my appetite had been whetted by the tech demo videos available on the Xbox Marketplace. So, what’s it like?


The control system is clunky, the audio has glitches, there’s some bad texture pop-in, and the driving sequence… Let’s just say I’ve made good use of the skip-ahead feature of the “DVD Menu” system.

Whether the game improves now I’ve actually entered Central Park remains to be seen. I’m still hopeful, but the initial sections of the game have certainly taken the shine off my enthusiasm.