Ha! Ceri’s not the only one who can get the MVP achievement in Halo 3.

Capt Blacklaw MVP
It sounds so much better if I don’t mention the little fact that most of the other players quit early…

ugvmhalo3-1-thumb (12k image)The Halo 3 UGVM league is underway, with our team romping home to abject defeat in our first game. Getting thrashed at Slayer was one thing. Getting slaughtered at Rocket Race could be forgiven due to it being our first time on that mode. But managing to utterly fail at Crazy King was just embarrassing.

Thankfully, we were able to bring it back for the second match. Ending in a 1.5 point tie (tied Slayer, won Rocket Race, lost Crazy King) we’re at least able to put //some// points on the table.

The above shot, taken from our first Crazy King match, is an example of how ruthless our opponents were – ItshMe firing a rocket at SilverSparks, despite the presence of his teammate SomethingWitty in the blast zone. For the record, he manage to take Ceri out – at the cost of his own teammate. Stone cold killer, that one.

The wife and I are partaking in the UGVM Halo 3 Tournament over the next few weeks. A change from the old format, this time it’s 2v2 with three rounds per game – Rocket Race, Team Slayer, and Crazy King.

Everyone knows that Buckskin’ll win, of course – but unlike the last knockout format this is a points-based league, so even if we’re rubbish we’ll still get to play as many games as anyone else.

Stay tuned for match updates.