I’ve just received a couple of e-mails from Jayne at Roofing Group UK.  It seems that she’s finally noticed that my website ranks rather highly on a search for “Roofing Group UK” and isn’t best pleased about the rather scathing comments I made regarding the company’s customer service.

In her e-mails, she states that it is “unfair”  that I haven’t posted to say that my roof has been repaired, and that it would be nice if I were to “rectify the situation by telling everyone that [my] problem has been sorted.

Well, I’m not a vindictive man.  It’s true, that – eventually – someone from Roofing Group UK did come to patch the leak in my roof.  Well, I assume so, anyway: while the leak has gone, whoever repaired it visited during the day while no-one was here and left no sign of his attendance beyond not having closed the gates when he left.  No note through the door, no apology for the wait, no explanation of exactly why a brand-new roof had started leaking – nothing.  Nor was there any mention of recompense for the damage done to the room and its contents.

So, yes: Roofing Group UK did carry out the bare minimum required by law to put things right, and for that I give thanks.

Incidentally, Jayne would like it known that Roofing Group UK now trades under the name Roofing UK – despite having the same domain name as before, which still shows the same “monthly special offer” of a free Velux window with every re-roof that it showed back when I first found the site – and that the person who owned the company when my faulty roof was fitted, Barry Clay, is no longer in charge and has been replaced by the “original owner” Shaun Walsh.

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