Santa's Little Helper, a.k.a. Gareth DaviesWell, not Santa per se…  More one of his helpers.

Okay, it was company MD Gareth (no relation) Davies in a daft hat handing out the results of the Secret Santa we’ve been running.

I’m pleased to say that I came away from it with an absolutely awesome toy crossbow – which is powerful enough to send a dart flying half-way across the office.  I don’t know who was buying for me, but they know me scarily well.  The only problem was keeping Lee away from it for the safety of people around him.

Sadly, I was too distracted by the crossbow to see the recipient of my gift’s reaction, so I’ll just have to hope that they were suitably pleased.

One thought on “Santa comes to Frog!

  1. It would have been funnier if it was Craig messing with the big plasma in the background. It already makes a sterling job of making Andy “Crayons” Beckwith look like a midget: imagine what it could have done with an ACTUAL midget 😉

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