Zone Wireless GamingIf you’re struggling to find somewhere with the Wii in stock – or can’t afford to shell out a hundred and eighty smackers on a console – then check your local Morrison’s.  I was pleased to find a Zone Wireless Gaming console in my local for under £18 – that’s a tenth the cost of the Nintendo equivalent!

Sadly, I was ordered by my better half not to buy it – despite the “incredible 16-bit graphics” and 7 in-built sports games – 2 more than you get with the Wii.  I guess I’ll have to make do with Nintendo’s offering.

2 thoughts on “Can’t find a Wii?

  1. Yeah! I saw one of those the other day too.

  2. Not tempted to get one, then? I might have to sneak back when the missus isn’t looking and pick one up. Y’know, for science, like.

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