Another article saved from the bit-bin, this time about LG Electronics’ latest LED-backlit 3D TV:

LG Electronics has made good on its recent promises and announced the impending launch of its first LED-backlit 3D TV, the LX9500.

Launching first in Korea – to be followed by a US and European release towards the end of May – the LX9500 is designed to appeal to the top end of the home entertainment market, featuring energy-efficient LED backlighting to achieve an impressive 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a 480Hz picture engine.

The real killer feature is, of course, the 3D: powered by active shutter glasses, LG claims that the immersion offered by the LX9500 will “set
a higher benchmark in the global 3D TV industry.

The glasses themselves – which produce the 3D effect by alternating which eye is able to see the picture at any given moment – are described as “comfortable to wear for an extended period of time” and last up to forty hours between charges.

LG is hoping to secure itself a chunk of the market with this and its other 3D TVs, stating that it is aiming for a 25 share by the end of the year.

With an impressively slim body at just 22.3mm and a 16mm bezel, the LX9500 is certainly an impressive beast, but it’s going to take personal
experience of the effect before people are likely to be convinced by the potential comfortable to wear for an extended period of timeof 3D TVs in general – not to mention the availability of suitable content.

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