AppBrain screenshotI’ve stumbled across a neat toy in the form of AppBrain, a snazzy bit of kit for Android ‘phones that finally brings the one feature I’ve been missing since getting my Milestone: a desktop interface to the Android Market.

It’s a simple concept: you install a client app on your ‘phone, and then it syncs to the AppBrain website – free of charge, of course – and allows you to browse your installed applications.  Where things get clever is that you can queue up tasks – such as uninstalling an application or installing a new one from the Android Market, which is fully accessible from AppBrain’s site – and then sync them to the client app, which carries out your demands.

It’s a neat solution to a thorny problem – finding decent applications while using the quite frankly cramped Android Market interface on the handset itself – and the fact that it’s free is the icing on the cake.

Oh, and it allows you to share your installed apps too – like so:

Although as you can possibly see, it has a tendency to limit itself to the first few in the list.  Still, if you want to install it and give it a go yourself just scan the QR Code below.

QR Code for AppBrain

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