Roof with three swallowsIt’s not often I bother to write a post describing my good experiences with a company – especially when it comes to my quite frankly abysmal experiences getting my roof sorted a while back – but I wanted to publicly thank Jackson Roofing for their sterling work recently.

Originally contacted to replace some broken guttering on the roof of my worryingly tall house, I had to call Jackson Roofing on the Bank Holiday Sunday just gone – très gauche, I know – after a neighbour across the road pointed out that a slate on my new shiny roof had become dislodged and was inches away from ruining someone’s day.  As the slates are the modern, thick, heavy concrete type it would have really made an impact had it fallen.

Heh.  Impact.

Jackson Roofing – in contrast with the pitiful Roofing Group UK, who should have repaired it under the terms of the twenty-year guarantee I was promised – quickly came round, ventured up a stupidly long ladder, and repaired the damage for a sum of money I wouldn’t even consider worth unpacking the ladder from the van.

Okay, so the money is in addition to that promised for the guttering work, but still – I certainly wouldn’t be clambering up a ladder to my crazy-high roof for such sums.

In short, if you’re looking for a roofing firm in or around Bradford, I can wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Jackson Roofing.

Image provided by Wikimedia Commons user Nieuw.

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  1. Ayden Simmons on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 at 09:45 said:

    We always choose metal roofing instead of ceramic roofing because we believe that metal roofs last longer.`’;

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