Well, it’s now the 6th of September and my roof is still leaking. Considering that this is a problem I reported on the 18th of August, I’m ever-so-slightly incredulous – doubly so when you consider that Roofing Group UK’s website mentions “customer service” as a primary reason you should consider using their services.

What a joke.

Last night there was some pretty heavy rain, and the affected side of the room is once again soaked.  Slightly more worrying were several grating noises – not dissimilar to the sound of slates shifting.

I’ve penned the following e-mail to [email protected], but to be honest I’m not expecting an easy resolution on this one.

I reported a problem with my roof, fitted recently by yourselves, on the 18th of August.  It is now the 6th of September and still nobody has been to look at it.  The affected room is being ruined by large quantities of water dripping down from the ceiling.

I can’t help but contrast the experience of being a new customer – in which Barry visited to discuss my needs within a day of my enquiry being made – with that of being an existing customer claiming under guarantee.  I call multiple times a week, only to be told by that “Craig is on holiday until the end of September and nothing can be done until he gets back.”

I find waiting a whole month to get a fault which is causing damage to property, contents, and décor unacceptable – especially from a company which claims “customer service” as one of the chief reasons it should be selected.

I would like someone to contact me about this problem as soon as possible, or I will have no choice but to begin legal proceedings to recover the costs of a third-party repair to both the roof and the damaged room and its contents.

I’ll update if I get any reply – but I’m not exactly holding my breath here.

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