Apostrophe Abuse: 1Apostrophe abuse is something that get’s (sorry) my goat, and so I’m always amused to see examples of it in the wild – especially from people who really should know better.

Today’s example come’s (excuse me) from the Design House Restaurant in Dean Clough Mills, Halifax.  Note the “if it has an S, it needs an apostrophe” approach – and enjoy the additional bonus of a note regarding “accsess.”

3 thoughts on “Apostrophe’s in the wild: 1

  1. blackbox2342 on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 10:43 said:

    As an English Language student I agree it’s very annonying.

    This one is appaling:

    Also where I live at the moment there’s some grafiti it reads toms gay until my friend added an apostrophe!

    Out of curiosity did you head over to the restruant in the end?

  2. “Annonying?” “Appaling?” “Grafiti?” “Restruant?”

    I sincerely hope you mean you’re a student of ESOL!

  3. Noooo! The poor apostrophes! Those evil people!

    We must take the poor abused apostrophes and re-house them in places they’d be more appreciated.

    There are so many words that would love to have an apostrophe. Some have been trying for an apostrophe for years but just get smacked down by their ignorant authors.

    Just take Mr and Mrs Its. They aren’t at all possessive, and an adopted apostrophe from Mr and Mrs Chip’s would surely help society realise they’re not possessive at all; they’re just a little contracted.

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