You know what it’s like…  You fancy something new and exciting to listen to, but don’t fancy lining the pockets of industry fat cats by shelling out for yet more cookie-cutter mass-produced pap.  While there are pretty snazzy online radio systems like Spotify out there, nothing quite beats having a DRM-free download to add to your collection.

Sure, there’s always the less legitimate method; but what if you could have a completely free download with no guilt and no midnight knocks from the copyright police?

With this thought in my mind, I Googled my little heart out and tracked down the rather neat Jamendo: a free MP3 download service that offers only Creative Commons licensed work.  With some 22,000 albums to pick from, it’s a veritable horn of plenty – and there’s some pretty awesome stuff on there.  I’m particularly fond of the French group Myl-n So.

It’s all DRM free MP3, completely legal, and you don’t even have to sign up.  Neat-o!

Don’t say I never give you anything, wretches.

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