I appear to have broken my netbook.

Well, ‘broken’ might be a bit steep – it no longer responds to a lid close event with the nice, neat standby mode it once treated me to.  Instead, it triggers the standby script and gets itself into a half-on, half-off state.

In this state, the power light is flashing to indicate that it’s in standby.  Unfortunately, it isn’t – everything’s still working fine.  The only indication that it even tried to standby is that my SD card unmount/remount script is triggered and the default keyring is locked.

Strangely this issue has only cropped up since I upgraded Ubuntu to the latest packages last night – a total of four updates.  I’ve ruled out three as being the issue – it’s not tzdata, winbind can be stopped without fixing the problem, and samba isn’t even running – and sadly can’t remember the fourth.

I’ve added my two-pennorth to a bug report on Canonical’s Launchpad, but considering that the issue appears to have been open since 2006 I’m not holding my breath.

It’s doubly irritating when you consider that since the purchase of my high capacity battery I’ve been using my netbook a lot more, and losing the ability to just slam the lid shut and shove it in my bag when I’m done is extremely vexing.

If anyone has any bright ideas, let me know. I’m at a loss with the damn thing.

One thought on “Gnome Power Management glitch

  1. And now it’s started working. Without, I hasten to add, me changing a single damn thing. There hasn’t even been any updates applied.


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