I’ve been going through some of the older stuff I wrote for bit-tech, and came across a couple of articles that never made it.  Rather than consign them to the digital dustbin, I figured – having already written them – I’d resurrect them here.

The first is an article about the agreement ‘twix AMD and Intel over the latter’s allegedly anticompetitive behaviour, written back in November of last year.

AMD and Intel have come to an agreement that will see all complaints and lawsuits regarding Intel’s allegedly anticompetitive behaviour ended.

AMD LogoAs reported over on Wired, the two companies have agreed to settle their disputes – and it’s an agreement which sees AMD compensated for Intel’s past misdeeds.

Under the terms of the agreement, Intel is to pay rival AMD a whopping $1.25 billion (£754 million) in a five-year cross-licensing agreement which sees Intel compensating its rival for allegedly working to exclude it from the marketplace. In turn, AMD is to drop all pending lawsuits across the globe and withdraw all complaints it has made to regulatory bodies regarding Intel’s behaviour.

In a remarkably understated joint statement, the two companies claim that “while the relationship between the two companies has been difficult in the past, this agreement ends the legal disputes and enables the companies to focus all of our efforts on product innovation and development.

The agreement finally settles the bad feeling between the two companies which has been ongoing since 2005, and will allow the two companies to concentrate on producing neat new products rather than attempting to litigate each other into submission.

The deal is certainly a welcome one for AMD, which has seen its share price increase by more than 30 percent on the news and should help to get the company get back on track in the processors marketplace.

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