Amazon Wish ListFor a while now I’ve been experimenting with a little karma boosting project based around Amazon’s Wish List service – and now I’d like to get more people involved.

The idea is both simple and more or less selfless, and revolves around a single core concept: getting things for free is awesome.  While I have no control over whether I get stuff for free – short of taking up shoplifting as a hobby, and even then the only freebie I get is likely to be a lift in a shiny police car – I can control whether other people receive free gifts.

So I do.  Every so often, I log on to Amazon and type a name into the Wish List search.  I scroll down the list and pick someone at random – before buying them an item that they’ve been wanting but never got around to buying.

While it sounds a little stalkerish, it’s pretty safe for all concerned: I never see the person’s address – beyond a rough idea of where in the country they are – and unless I choose to identify myself in the gift message options they never know who I am either.  Somebody, somewhere, receives a book, CD, DVD, or game randomly and without cost to themselves – guaranteed to put a smile on their face for the day.

I never spend much – no more than £5 or £10 – and despite the fact that I’ll never see the person’s face as they open the parcel I get a surprising amount of enjoyment from the simple act of altruism.

Which is why I’ve written this blog post: starting now, each Wish List gift I send out will have a short URL in the gift message – – which points them towards this page.  When a person receives the gift, hopefully they’ll be curious enough to visit and read about why they’ve received a parcel out of the blue – and I hope that a non-zero percentage of those will consider brightening someone else’s day with a purchase of their own, pointing that person to this page and starting the free-gift-happiness-ball rolling.

So, if you’ve received a parcel with an unexpected present in it pointing you towards this site – and if it brightened up your day at all – think about doing the same for another lucky soul.  If you do, include the URL of this page in the gift message just as it was included in yours – and if not, never mind.  Enjoy your gift, and know that somebody somewhere wanted to make a stranger’s day that little bit happier.

DISCLAIMER: This post is in no way affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Amazon or its subsidiaries.  No links on this page containing tracking identifiers or affiliate codes, and no money or other consideration makes its way from Amazon to me.  Amazon has no idea I do this.  Feel free to use any site with a wish-list option – I just find Amazon the easiest.  Your mileage may vary.  May contain traces of nuts.  Void where prohibited.

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