broken_door_small (11KB image)Today has most certainly not gone well. Aside from the roofers continued lack of communication, there’s another joy to add to my overflowing pot – and it concerns my door.

I got up this morning bright and early, eager to trundle off to work. Shower, dress, breakfast – all is going according to plan. I don my coat and shoes and set off out the door.

Wait – rewind. I try to set off out the door, but the door has other ideas. The multi-point lock has failed in the ‘lock’ position, and I’m trapped. Being, as it is, a back-to-back terrace, I’m really trapped – the front door is also my only door.

First things first – a quick e-mail to work to let them know I shan’t be in. I’m sure it went down well, being off for unscheduled absence in my first month of work, but these things can’t be helped. Next step was to contact someone who might be able to do something. They attended a scant half-hour later, and spent the majority of the morning trying to effect entry.

Eventually we get the door open, albeit in pieces – as the image above attests. The next step is to declare the door right royally buggered, and ‘fix’ it in such a way that it will sort of work for the time being. The door frame, y’see, is a strange and non-standard size – which means it’s rather more complicated than a trip to Wickes to solve the problem. It’s a custom-build job – and it’ll take around a week to get.


The good news is that I can leave my house once again – so I’ll be at work bright and early tomorrow morning. The not so good news is that I’ll have to be at work – to pay the expected bill of around £700 for supply and fitting of a new PVCu door.


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