leakingroof1 (9k image)Well, I just got a very rude awakening about an hour ago – a leak in my extremely expensive new roof causing water to drip down from the ceiling in my computer room, all over my not-inexpensive collection of crap. For joy.

The problem, as far as I can ascertain in the dark, is caused by a fault in the construction of the new roof – a U-shaped channel in the flashing where the dormer wall meets the roof, which isn’t covered by the ‘lip’ of the dormer. The water will collect here and enter the roof space.

Now I’ll need to get in touch with the company who fitted said roof – Roofing Group UK – and attempt to ‘encourage’ them to fix it ASAP under the terms of their guarantee. The difficult part will be convincing them it’s a problem in their workmanship – made harder by the fact that the very nice salesman who attended when we requested the new roof no longer works for the company.

All in all, not what I need when I’ve had a rather tiring second week at work.

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